Ginny Trierweiler Ph.D
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 147

This book teaches a number of "secrets" practical tips for bringing out the best in toddlers and young children. The tips in the book come from in-depth study of child development and from the author’s intensive study of young children demonstrating remarkable maturity, intelligence, grace and courtesy and joy of learning in Montessori environments.In spite of a wealth of research support for the approaches described in this book, the tips here will be very surprising to many caregivers as they are becoming increasingly uncommon in modern times. Our child-rearing approaches are moving further and further in the direction of training young children to be passive and entitled. The modern approach hinders child development and causes great stress between children and their caregivers; but most people don't realize it. In response to the tide moving in the wrong direction, the approach ...
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