Michael Hawkin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 62

Are you searching for ways to alleviate stress and anxiety?Have you looked everywhere and found nothing that seems to workAre You Still Looking for the right SOLUTION?If you answer yes, to one or more of these. Then keep reading.Let me guess.  Your life has become busier than it was a few years ago, the simplicity in your life has faded and you don't know where it went.Do you wish you could bring that back and think of situations in your life in an easier mindset?Bringing that calm and tranquility back is simpler than you think, it only takes a few steps and then you will be back on the right track.There is actually a baseline on which you can determine whether you have hit your target for mindfulness or not, it is really easy to follow and once you have been through all the steps you will think to yourself, why didn't I start this earlier.In this book, you will learn exactly what ...
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