The Craftsmen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 39

Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update Adventure!Check out a brief introduction to our hot, new adventure:“I was falling for what seemed like an eternity, my legs twitching all the way down as if they were trying to make me swim. I vaguely remember cutting full speed through the wispy clouds but I don’t recall landing, which must mean it didn’t actually hurt me at all. I woke up face down on what seemed like a beach, but it was the strangest beach I’ve ever seen in my life – the sand was orderly arranged throughout the beach and none of it was sticking to my clothes or skin. I pushed myself up on my feet and started exploring. Sheep were bleating on a nearby meadow and a single chicken was trying in vain to climb out of a shallow pool. In the distance I saw beautiful vistas, lazy meandering rivers and – are those lavafalls? Then it struck me – I’m inside Minecraft!An immense ...
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