Jacie Middlemann
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 350

Tom Holland arrived in Burlington after making a couple of life-changing decisions. One of them he would never regret…the other he was still wrestling with. He’d been considering that he needed a change in his life…his career but hadn’t been able to push himself into action. After the last couple of weeks he realized it was no longer a consideration, it was a necessity.When he chose Burlington as his destination it wasn’t with a dart tossed at a map. In large part it was because the city was the new home of an old friend…his college roommate. A man who wasn’t just a good friend but a trusted one as well. Yet it was something more than friendship, more than needing a new job…there was something more that drew him to Burlington.When he showed up at his old friend’s office things began to happen faster than he could have ever anticipated. By the time he’d walked ...
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