J.L. White
Publisher: Velvet Pen Books
Pages: 180

“An exciting, suspenseful love story that tests the strength of friendship and love.” – Behind Closed DoorsThey call us the Firework Girls. I’m Chloe. It’s bad enough to be practically left at the altar, even worse to rebound with the right guy at the wrong time. And timing is the only thing that’s wrong with Grayson, the heart-stopping, blue-eyed master of my body and soul for one perfect night.But it was too much too soon, so I ran... left without a word. Stupid, I know. And yes, I’ve been regretting it. Every day. For months.Then he storms back into my life, but this time, he’s not alone. Let me just say, there’s only one word for seeing my soul mate hook up with one of my best friends:Hell.Author’s Note: Every J.L. White book STANDS ALONE with no cliffhangers, but here’s the chronology if you want to read them in order. Which you totally should. Firework ...
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