Alexai Vavioski
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 156

A collection of four science fiction stories, tales of the far future and a time of myths and legends.1. SOLDIER: In the far future, Earth is at war with an alien race. Dispatched from Earth, a fleet of spaceships to defend the distant colony world of Knosscaris from imminent invasion and death.2. PEARLS OF HEAVEN: In the distant future Earth is vastly overpopulated. A scientific expedition is sent to a new world to assess its suitability for colonisation and the acquisition of natural resources for Earth.3. DEVADASI: In an unknown age where humans live a primitive existence. The Devadasi, the keeper of sacred covenants, the ancient wisdom and knowledge of mankind, trained from birth to become a leader of men.4. THE LEGEND: In the midst of a devastated world, a time of earthquakes and mega tsunamis, there came a young woman of unusual appearance who forged a new world into being.
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