Lorraine Kathyrn
Publisher: Lorraine Kathyrn
Pages: 356

Hot dog. I looked at Lara and arched an eyebrow at her. I was rewarded with a wonderful version of her tight little smile, and she began to strip and kneel. Happy days are here again, plus two wonderful bubbling Suzie signals ramping up in amplitude. What did I want? It was time for some stream of consciousness erotic thinking. But I never got the chance. I began kissing Lara, and then Suzanne kissed her too, and then their Suzie signals sort of harmonized and just grabbed my brain. I was just subconsciously doing what made them the hottest, and they were doing the same for me. I spent a long time on one of Lara's breasts while Suzanne obsessed over the other. I couldn't believe how wonderful and responsive it was in my mouth. Her nipple seemed to breathe in and out, swelling and flexing as her Suzie trilled in my head, and Suzanne was just as fascinated with the one on her side. I ...
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