Florence Schultz
ASIN: B01D81079G
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Pages: 265

Includes 1 Free Bonus Book: Crochet HandbookIncludes Free GiftHave you ever dreamed of designing your own crochet patterns? In her latest book, Learn How to Design Crochet Hat Patterns; Learn the Basics of Crochet Hat Pattern Designs and Design Your Own Creations, Florence Schultz teaches you how to design your own crochet hat patterns. If you know the basics of crochet and the basic techniques, you can learn to put your ideas down into a pattern and create your own designs.First Florence teaches you the basics a written crochet pattern. She guides you through each section of a pattern, and their importance. Next Florence teaches you the basics of crochet diagrams and graphs. She explains how to read and work crochet diagrams and graphs so you can create your own. Each component of a diagram and graph is explained so will understand how they are used to represent crochet patterns. ...
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