Antara Mann
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 460

Check out the prequel, Aaron in Sinland. Copy/paste URL into your browser:“What do you want?” the dark one asks.“I want to be a star.”Alice Roseburg is an expatriate New Yorker, now a young attorney living in London. Her career is on the fast-track until she begins having lucid and haunting dreams after representing the wealthy buyer of a castle in Scotland, a property with a dark and demonic history. A mysterious man has begun shadowing her, asking her to name her most secret desire.Some wishes need to be spoken aloud. “I want to be a star.” Alice quits her career, cashes out her savings, and moves to New York City to follow her dreams on Broadway. But she soon discovers that finding her place in the limelight is far trickier than she ever imagined. “What do you want?” the dark one asks.Her rapid rise to stardom attracts the attention of ...
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