C. S. Johnson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 285

I looked at her, with her hand outstretched, and watched as the last of her power fizzled out and retreated inside of her. Her fist closed, and she straightened as she squarely met my gaze. "... I'm Starry Knight," she said, her words soft and light, even as they soundly struck me to the core.With the arrival of 11th grade, Hamilton Dinger has no shortage of activities to pursue. With his job at the mayor’s office, schoolwork, and fighting off evil, he has no time to worry about Starry Knight’s recent betrayal and his relentless fixation with her. Even though he does anyway. Pushing past his emotional turmoil, he works with Aleia and Elysian to uncover the truth about the Seven Deadly Sinisters and his supernatural origins. When disaster strikes once more, Hamilton and his friends realize the only way to prevent chaos from taking over Apollo City, and eventually the world, is to ...
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