F. J. Norman
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Pages: 77

In “The Fighting Man of Japan ”‘ we have a very interesting little book by Mr. F. J. Norman, who is eminently fitted to discourse on the “ Exercises and Training of the Samurai,” having passed many years in Japan as instructor to some of the military and civilian colleges. THE writer, an old hussar, has been a long resident in Japan, and an instructor in its leading colleges. His book, though of but eighty pages, is one of the most interesting and most valuable of the contributions to our literature which we owe to the Russo-Japanese war, now happily ended. Had we all known what Mr. Norman knew, its results would scarcely have been so much of a surprise to the rest of the world as they have proved.The book is not didactic, but historical and personal, giving a concise account of the military and naval training in Japan and a sketch of Mr. Norman's own experiences in the ...
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