Nick Walsh
Publisher: Nick Walsh
Pages: 29

Use Social Media to find your addicted buyers, test to see if there are addicted buyers for your product or service fast. When all you want to do is to avoid doing what most people do (decide on a product to sell without finding out if there are many buyers already for that product!), then this ebook is for you and I will show you step by step how to easily find hungry buyers in 60 minutes or less using social media.My failures include a website about David and Victoria Beckham, a Spanish Holiday Home website, an affiliate blog and countless others. I failed because I did not know how to find and research if there were buyers for what I wanted to sell. I wasted hundreds of hours building these websites and then was amazed that nobody bought the products I advertised at the sites.After all I clicked on various buttons involving things like Zeek Rewards (I later found out it was a ponzi ...
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