Jai Bree'nae
ASIN: B01E9XZ706
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 538

The Pierce Men are back!Drake has been through the fire and back, but he is now at peace because his pretty girl has returned to him. Life is great, or so he thinks. While busy monitoring his youngest brother's progress in the streets, he is unaware of a certain someone worming her way into his marriage and trying to sabotage his otherwise perfect union. Will she succeed? Adrian has been granted a second chance with the love of his life. Carmen was everything to him, that is, until he slipped up and got Tess pregnant. Now that Carmen is back, will he remain loyal to Tess, stay for their kids, or be with the one woman that could make him reconsider leaving everything behind that he thought made him the man that he is. Dru and Madison are going strong. She is his ride or die chick, and the love of his life, but there are things that haunt her, things that even he can't handle. Will they ...
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