Rachel John
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 212

Turning thirty and surrounded by married couples, Bethany Parks does something she never thought she’d try: reality TV dating. Although finding love would be nice, she’ll settle for a fun adventure.Bethany thinks she's prepared for aggressive cameras and competitive flirting, but Real Love is a show like no other. They’re determined to put the real back in reality TV, from the shabby digs, to the household chores. The provided wardrobe is a collection of the worst fashion trends of all time, and the men, while handsome, are all ex-boyfriends of the other contestants. Her ex-boyfriend, Todd, is the last person in the world she wants to mingle with while sporting ‘mom’ jeans.Her new friend Tyson begs her to stick it out, and Bethany can’t take her eyes off the gorgeous and mysterious Carter, a guy who goes out of his way to spend time with her, despite the clingy ex that never ...
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