Steve Milton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 84

"I've loved Henry since junior high, but he doesn't know my problem."Handsome weed dealer Trevor has secretly loved Henry since they were both teenage boys uninterested in girls. But now Henry is a cop, and Trevor dodges Henry's romantic overtures, because something has been weighing on Trevor's mind for nearly twenty years."I'm a cop in love with my weed dealer, but he doesn't know my pain."Henry is a cop, a cop who needs marijuana to get through the day. Trevor is his supplier. But Trevor doesn't know why Henry smokes marijuana, and Henry doesn't know why Trevor sells it."One night changed everything."One tense night, Henry and Trevor reveal their pain to each other. Bringing their secrets to the surface rushes their simmer to a hot loving roar.The Sticky Icky is a fat joint of a hurt-comfort second-chances gay romance, with a feel-good HEA and scorching hot love.
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