Sabrina E L B Scales
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 153

In part one, a gigantic secret was exposed, taking a huge toll on Carmen and Jayson's relationship and ultimately ending their marriage. Seeking a new start, away from a place that reminded her of pain, Carmen packed up her newborn son and ran away to a new state without informing Blaise, the baby's biological father. Years would pass with no contact being made between the two of them until a chance, or maybe not so chance, encounter reunited them, sparking a flame they both thought had been forever extinguished. Will Blaise’s dark past prevent him from forgiving Carmen for taking away the only light in his life; his son? And will Carmen be able to open her heart again to the possibility of real love after failing at her first attempt? Find out as this tale of love, lies, and the strength of forgiveness unfolds in the final installment of the "Yours Truly…" series.
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