Charity Wilson, My Recipe Journal
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Low Carb Recipe CollectionAre carbohydrates really the enemy? Not all carbs are evil but without understanding which ones you need to eat and how much of them, they can be detrimental to your weight loss goals.Inside you will find recipes covering a Low Carb Diet, a Ketogenic Diet, a Paleo Diet and a Gluten Free Diet. These diets are all designed with a lower carb count in general or naturally eliminate the bad carbs in your diet like a Gluten Free diet. I highly recommend getting a blank recipe book from My Recipe Journal here and write out the recipes you like as you read through this collection. You can even make a note as to what book it came out of in case you want to go back to it digitally.There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes inside and a wealth of information so it can overwhelming. I would suggest picking the diet ...
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