Diane M Dickson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 265

"A thrilling read! You just have to find out what happens in the end!" Wendy Cooper If you enjoy psychological suspense crime fiction with a sting in its tail, TWIST OF TRUTH is for you.After many years of absence, Simon Fulton returns to his hometown. Why he has been away, and where he has been will soon become apparent, as well as why his heart is set on bloody revenge.Simon is soon recognized by figures from the past when he enters a pub and the locals make it known they don't want him around. But when Gloria Bartlett, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast in which he is staying, treats him compassionately, Simon quickly draws her into his plans.What follows is an exciting search for the truth about Simon’s past and a terrible murder of a family member. Yet when the couple get to the bottom of the mystery, they find that both of their lives are in jeopardy.“TWIST OF TRUTH is a real ...
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