Faye Froome
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 57

Walking for Fitness, A Comprehensive Guide on How Walking can Improve your Health and Well-being ForeverJoin the millions who are walking for fitness across the globe today!Does the thought of jogging around your neighborhood fill you with dread? Do you yearn to get fitter but don't want the expensive gym membership. Do you have little spare time but still have the inclination to get out and lose weight?Then this book could be for you!Taking those first steps on the road to fitness can be the hardest for many people. The thought of buying all that kit or spending hours down the gym can often be the most off putting.However there is something that we all do everyday that can make us fitter and healthier without us even realizing. Yes that's right its walkingJust taking a few extra steps each day can have surprising results, even if you have never exercised beforeStudies have shown that ...
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