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The Population of Rome in the year 128 A D was 1,000,000, the number of slaves included in that number amounted to a staggering 350,000. Thousands of ordinary people living in countries around the Mediterranean, in most of the countries of Europe, including the Baltics, Africa and the Middle East, were torn from the bosom of their families by hordes of Roman Soldiers and shipped off to the Slave Market in Rome.The Romans would choose only the young and strong to be slaves, the elderly and the sick would have been ignored or killed, but all the children were taken.On their arrival in the Eternal City, they were subjected to the indignity of being auctioned off like dumb animals, for that is what they were thought to be by many Romans. Babies were ripped from the arms of their mothers and taken away by new parents.Fathers with strong backs and arms, were dragged away and sent to work in ...
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