Olivia Hampshire
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 290

Free Bonus Book1.) Opening Day"Opening Day," is a Free Bonus Book Just for You!2.) I Love You More3.) Always Had It4.) First Time Magic5.) Rough WaterWarning! This book is has many hot and heavy lesbian romance love scenes. Only for the years of 18 and older.“ I Olivia, I am your biggest fan, Denise from Ely, Nevada. I had never heard of your stuff or you, but then I read, 'Lesbian Billionaire and that just did it all for me. That was just a piece of work I had not run into anyway in my reading life. Of course I had to read 'Suaui Lesbian' too. And then I bought your first House of Romance lesbian romance series and that just did it. You make reading and thinking fun.” Marilyn, Lansing, MI“I love all of your books Olivia. I really liked, 'First Time Magic'. That brought back many memories about my first time and how hard I was on myself before I came out to myself ...
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4 stars from 2 ratings
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