Russell A. Williams
Publisher: Russell A. Williams
Pages: 216

What would you do if you could relive your life, knowing what you know now?After 40-year old Jake Simon suddenly dies of a bleeding brain aneurysm, the best way forward in his path toward heavenly perfection is to go backward—back in time. By returning to his past and reliving the worst summer of his life, Jake sets out to rewrite his future. The Class of 86 is for anyone who has questioned God’s plan for his or her life, or anyone who has wondered how he or she would relive life if given the chance. Anyone over forty who feels nostalgic for their youth will love the carefully researched details that poke fun at the ’80s at every turn.Excerpt from a review written by Brian Reaves, author of Portal, Stolen Lives, and Chase the Shadows: Williams does an incredible job with this story. It's not a science-fiction time travel story, despite the way the premise sounds. Instead ...
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