Jiro Nishino
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 81

Anime and ZenDoodle How to combine two art forms, flawlesslyIf you have been doodling, of you have been finding yourself drawing shapes, patterns and pictures in pictures, you’ve done half the work. If you have purchased my previous books ZenDoodle, and ZenDoodle Art and found you have a knack for it, there is another way to transform your ZenDoodle. If you have purchased my You Can Draw Anime book, and found out you could draw your favorite anime characters and make up come of your own, now you can add flair to them and truly make your artwork stand out.If you are looking for a simple-to-follow book that can show you how to draw anime and ZenDoodle in the same work of art, look no further. This book is the one for you. Step-by-step instructions will walk you through drawing people in the anime style and making them stand out by adding ZenDoodle elements. Here is a preview of what ...
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