James Nathaniel Miller II
Publisher: Lions Tail Books
Pages: 288

2016 ATAI BOOK AWARD FINALIST "Readers, buckle up! Fast and furious! I could feel it all!"- Author Alicia WrightA romantic adventure with more twists than a Kansas tornado. A suspense thriller with love and faith you can feel. The chemistry between Brandi and Cody is sweeter than cake and ice cream with some spicy humor in the mix. Historical fiction inspired by real events. No sexually explicit scenes.Cody Musket, a decorated US Marine, has blocked all emotion. Haunted by his dark military past, he feels nothing — no love, no hate. His big-league baseball career is the only thing that makes him feel alive. But when he witnesses a brutal assault upon a beautiful young woman, his trapped emotions explode, releasing the hidden rage in his soul.Brandi Barnes, a gutsy investigative journalist and single mom, has exposed a child-trafficking ring and has become their target. When Brandi is ...
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4.5 stars from 25 ratings
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