James Nathaniel Miller II
Publisher: Lions Tail Books
Pages: 288

2016 ATAI BOOK AWARD FINALIST"If you liked 'Unbroken,' you will love Cody Musket."-- Stacey Danger, IMDb Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, et al.Romantic adventure with more twists than a Kansas tornado. The chemistry between Brandi and Cody is sweeter than cake and ice cream with some spicy humor in the mix. No sexually explicit scenes.Cody Musket, a decorated US Marine, has blocked all emotion. Haunted by his dark military past, he feels nothing — no love, no hate. His big-league baseball career is the only thing that makes him feel alive. But when he witnesses a brutal assault upon a beautiful young woman, his trapped emotions explode, releasing the hidden rage in his soul.Brandi Barnes, a gutsy investigative journalist and single mom, has exposed a child-trafficking ring and has become their target. When Brandi is attacked right before Cody’s eyes, he swiftly subdues her three ...
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4.5 stars from 25 ratings
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