James Nathaniel Miller II
Publisher: Lions Tail Books
Pages: 253

2016 ATAI BOOK AWARD FINALIST "Anyone who has seen the movie 'Unbroken' will love Cody Musket!” - Stacey Danger - IMDb Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Sherman Oaks, CABrandi Barnes is a gallant single mom, a sassy editorial writer who has declared war on human traffickers. She has a price on her head. Cody Musket is a rookie ball player and former US Marine who carries dark military secrets which are destroying him. When Brandi is attacked at a public theater, Cody, a total stranger, steps up, mauling her three attackers like a yard dog. She fears him at first, this man of violence, but soon realizes he has another side — compassion, respect, tenderness. Although he is able to help others, he has no idea how to help himself. The love that develops between Brandi and Cody is the stuff that epic romances are made of. She gives up her career as a journalist and risks her life to save ...
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4.5 stars from 24 ratings
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