Marc Mulero
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 409

Life used to be quite different. It was difficult, painful at times, but there was goodness in it. That life is gone now. The Global Quake buried it. The rich and powerful of the old world worked to preserve civilization before it was too late. They banded together to restore order and civility amongst those who were left. Alas, the class system was born, with the Hiezers sitting atop it. Defined roles, collaborative efforts, and renewed opportunity began to shine through the darkness. But what lied in the pits of human nature reared its head over time. Power found greed once again, and together they climbed all the resources to the top of the ladder, leaving the lower classes to rot.Blague, in all of his mystery, has answers. Branded as a Sin, the lowest class in the hierarchy, he and his group fight to recover something that has long since been lost - hope. They stand when others ...
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