Dan Hynes
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 209

We all believe we know the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, but you've not heard this tale. Rahim, a fisherman from Muscat, has navigated his way across the seas for years using only the stars. Until one night, a Star captures his attention and lures him from sea to begin a holy quest to lands unknown. Nathan, a cherub appointed to watch Rahim, manages his best. But then his charge meets others—world astrologers, magicians, and men of royal birth—all drawn by the light of this same Star. With each of these wise men comes another angel to join Nathan and together they seek to discern the meaning of this heavenly mystery.They are not alone. Lucifer dispatches his sentinels to search his dominion – the earth – to kill the magi. Will he uncover God’s plan and end humankind’s chance of salvation? Or will Nathan and his band of believers escape and evade the darkness that seeks ...
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