Faith Parsons
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 94

A WOMAN RUNNING FROM THE IRISH MOBAfter Siobhan’s older sister marries a rancher in Wyoming, Siobhan is forced to rely on her quick fingers and her wits to put food on the table. But when the police demand that Siobhan testify against mob boss O’Malley or go to jail for picking pockets, she flees disguised as a young boy, hoping to escape both the authorities and the mobster who owns her.A MAN UNDERCOVER WITH TRAIN ROBBERSInvestigative reporter Ned Harte has been chasing big stories all his life. This time he’s cooperating with a federal marshal to infiltrate the Mitchell gang—in the hopes of getting the scoop on the gang’s capture.But when the train job spirals out of control, Ned must make a choice: stay with the gang and let innocent people die, or blow his cover to save Siobhan and the others. A FROZEN WASTELAND BETWEEN HERE AND HOMESiobhan has never ridden a horse, and ...
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