Nat Russo
Publisher: Erindor Press
Pages: 495

A long-forgotten evil.An unstoppable enemy.Nicolas Murray, once a college student from Texas, is now a master necromancer, Archmage of the Three Kingdoms, and the religious leader of millions on Erindor.When Nicolas returns with his fiancée Kaitlyn and his beagle Toby after a ten-minute trip to Earth, months have passed on Erindor. The Pinnacle—the seat of his political power—is in chaos, and the land is besieged by an enemy who has returned to collect on an old debt. When Kaitlyn begins to show signs of Awakening—and not even a Mukhtaar Lord can guide her safely into her powers—Nicolas must make a choice; lead the fight against an armada that threatens to destroy the Three Kingdoms, or set out to find a magus who can guide Kaitlyn before her latent power kills her. As Kaitlyn’s symptoms worsen, and one city after another falls, an ancient evil is uncovered. An evil the ...
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