Patrick LeClerc
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 387

Immortal Sean Danet can heal others with a touch. Over the centuries, he's learned to hide in plain sight, moving and changing his identity often, for long as a soldier and then as a paramedic. Finally, after too long as a rootless vagabond, he has found a place he feels he belongs, with friends he can trust and the love of an intelligent, beautiful woman. The life he dreamed of but never expected to attain.When a sinister new adversary targets his abilities, his tranquil existence is overturned, and he finds that things may not be as they appear, and he may not be sure if he can trust those close to him, or even his own eyes.Can he untangle this mystery and outwit his latest foes? Or is his only hope of safety to give up his hard won and precious place in the world and return to a bleak and lonely fugitive existence?Spitting Image is a tense, twisting adventure where Sean must confront ...
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