Frank Knoll
Publisher: TWK - Publishing
Pages: 60

Learn To Gain A Stronger Awareness For Life And Achieve More On A Daily Process With The Power Of Focus.THE POWER OF FOCUSHow To Beat Procrastination And Achieve More.We are often pushed like the wind from one task to the next and regularly lose our ways in life. This can be all change with simple adjusts and a change in habits.Learn to create daily goalsHow to achieve more.Find an accountability partner and have public accountability.Change your day and become a task master.Protect your time.How To Create Our Daily GoalsYou’re busy. I’m busy. Everyone’s busy. Yet despite this bustle, we regularly don’t feel especially productive from day to day. Entire weeks can flash by in a blur of meaningless emails, conferences, and admin tasks while the “massive stuff” is going untended. As the nineteenth-century philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote, “It isn't enough to be busy. So ...
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