kimberly Shursen
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Pages: 353

In the name of his god he justifies the unjustifiable. After all, without his skilled surgical hands, those innocents born into sin would never have salvation. "Rarely does a written story give me pause as this novel has." In a world where religious zealots justify their actions through their conviction to their god comes the tale of three men whose lives intersect when a child goes missing. Staunchly raised in The Church of Truth, Dr. Vince Monahan is on a mission. As he prepares the private operating room in the lower level of his prestigious home In Atlanta, he sings "Jesus Loves the Little Children" joyfully.    In the small community of of Justyce seventy-two-year old Zeb Parrish mourns the death of his only daughter and takes custody of his six-year-old granddaughter, Lillie. Angry and deeply saddened, Zeb sets out to find the man who left his beloved daughter behind broken ...
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