Yvonne Brooks
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 36

For millions around the globe, care-giving is the “new normal” as the population continues to age.Holistic symptom management for the elderly is an ever-increasing focus for medical and professional care facilities.What if you could help your beloved elderly relax, calm down , treat symptoms of illnesses without the use of conventional medicines and tolerate their unpleasant side effects?In this practical guide, you will learn about Aroma-Care. The use of Aromatherapy; an ancient alternative healing practice for improving overall health not only for your beloved elderly, but the entire family.There is a long history of empirical evidence supporting the use of Aromatherapy as a preventive first line treatment for dementia and also to address symptoms such as sun downing, memory loss and sleep problems.There are many ways to receive Aromatherapy such as massages, oils, candles ...
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