Kitty Cox
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 412

They broke her.  Ruined.  Completely destroyed. Once, she'd had it all.  Back then, it had been so easy.  She created games or made them better – to her it was all the same – and she loved it.  Becoming a game developer had been Destiny’s life-long dream, but they took that from her. Now, she can't be near others.  The memories are too close.  The flashbacks come too easily.  The days when living seems like it’s just too hard are starting to outnumber the ones where she thinks she can get better.   But nothing can take back what happened to her. He doesn't care. At first, Chance thought he'd hit the jackpot.  Finding Destiny Pierce working in a hardware store?  She had to be desperate enough to take his job offer, right?  But the woman who'd inspired him to create his fledgling business is not the same girl standing before him now. This one is a ...
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