Mixi J Applebottom
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 280

Some mysteries are best left unsolved... It's no secret that the old guesthouse has a dark history. That's why it is so perfect... I love murder mystery parties. When Rachel told me that she wanted to rent a house where actual murders had been committed, I was all ears. But after the news of the deadly weekend came out, I realized they got it all wrong. News stories are so cold. So I thought I would write down what happened that weekend. I wasn't exactly there, but I certainly can't tell it worse than the news did. Years ago Oliver was peeled, Trevor and Delilah were hung, Richard froze to death, and Amelia died scrawling the word grid on her thigh. Rachel and her gang of friends were going to sleep in the house and pretend to murder each other. But soon the murders were all too real. I can't wait to tell you who gets out alive.Join Mixi J. Applebottom in a hair raising, spine ...
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