Sean Cummings
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 211

"Reaper is a Keeper" SciFi FanBestselling author, Sean Cummings invites you to experience the world of Tim Reaper in this "Fabulous Supernatural Whodunnit" (Nell Justice) with IMMORTAL REMAINSHe’s not entirely a detective and he doesn’t give a crap if your spouse is cheating on you. Human and supernatural beings avoid him like the plague because if you get too close he’ll gleefully tell you the time and date of your own demise and that’s before he punches you in the face.For nearly one hundred years, Tim Reaper (yes, that’s what he calls himself) has been living as a fixer, a rum runner, an enforcer and occasionally, a gumshoe. He hasn’t aged a day because of his habit of borrowing the bodies of the recently deceased. (A convenient trick when you’re on the lam.) Banished to the human world for tinkering with the natural order of life and death, he’s kept himself busy ...
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