Mia Archer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 206

The cheerleader and the geek girl. We were totally wrong for each other, so why does this feel so right?Lisa was the good girl. Prom queen. Captain of the cheer squad. Geeky games weren't her thing, but she was home from college and bored. And when she heard Kylie was going to be there she knew she had to at least check things out.Kylie was a proud geek who didn't care what the world thought. Kylie figured it was game night as normal until Lisa stepped into the game room reigniting old feelings she never thought she'd nave to deal with again after going to college.Two girls who've spent years hiding who they truly were. Two girls afraid to admit how much they need each other. Two girls who are tired of denying who they really are. Especially to each other.What was supposed to be a simple game quickly becomes a game of love that will change both of their lives! But will they be able to ...
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4 stars from 8 ratings
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