Vanessa Olsen
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Pages: 166

FREE BONUS INSIDE! Subscribe to my newsletter and receive 4 amazing eBooks on the Paleo diet, clean eating, raw food, and smoothie recipes as a welcome gift!When you flip your boxed food over, are you shocked by the number of ingredients you find on the back? What’s more, how many of them do you actually recognize?Hi, my name is Vanessa Olsen, and I’m here to help you get your life back. Processed food is causing an epidemic that affects everyone around the world. Every day, food manufacturers are altering our food to be bigger, taste “better”, and stay fresh longer. While these things sound good from the outside, the world is becoming well aware of what they’re doing to our insides. Most food today is so stripped down of its natural vitamins that it shouldn’t even be considered food. Not to mention, it’s also pumped with add-ins that are causing a long list of scary ...
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