Serina Denai
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 58

Alternative Food - The Exotic Meat Series - 23 Ostrich Recipes is the first e-book in a series of Exotic Meats recipe e-books. Within this e-book you will find a variety of scrumptious recipes for easy every day use, and more complicated recipes for formal use. Whether you like Chinese, Mexican or Hawaiian food, simple bolognas sauce, enjoy the BBQ, or use a crock pot, you will find what you need in this e-book. I have even included a recipe for the age old standby – jerky!Each recipe is tried and tested. Instructions are easy to follow and don't include any weird or hard to find ingredients. Most can be cooked in 30 minutes or less so they are doable on a week day after work.Exotic Meats are becoming more popular. They are healthier than beef and even poultry as they are lower in fat and calories. Exotic meat animals are never fed antibiotics or growth hormones. Most of them ...
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