Amy Cross
Publisher: Dark Season Books
Pages: 216

It's just a printer.That's what Steve Holland tells himself when he brings the machine into his family's home. Even when he struggles to get the printer working, he tells his wife that there's no reason to worry. After all, a printer can't actually hurt anyone.And then the bruises start to appear on their son's arm.Soon it becomes apparent that the printer has brought something dangerous into the apartment. Hideous photos start to emerge from the machine, photos that can't possibly exist. Yet somehow they do exist, and they show scenes from a nightmarish world. A world much like our own, but filled with more blood, pain and misery than any human could endure. And when his wife and son disappear from the apartment, Steve is forced to join a madman's quest to save his family.The Printer From Hell is a horror story about a man who makes one small mistake, and ends up fighting to save his ...
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