Wesley Krug
ASIN: B01HE25146
Publisher: Wesley Krug
Pages: 828

This book is about how to reduce poverty and improve global living standards. Topics include economic growth, income inequality, poverty, corruption, the decline of the middle class, sustainable development, emerging technologies, and more.This is not a rhetorical work, nor is it a textbook. It’s packed with evidence but presented in a way that’s easy to understand.There is no specific target audience. This book is written for anyone who cares about solving the world's problems and elevating humanity’s quality of life.Below is a list of questions answered throughout.Which nations have the best living standards? What are they doing right? Why do rich countries still have so many poor people in them?What caused the decline of the middle class? What can we do about it?Has capitalism failed? Or have we become more socialist?Is the government too big? Or not big enough?Is ...
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