Parker Avrile
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 69

A gay romantic suspense novella with three million dollars up for grabs...Nobody stumbles into this two-bit lakefront casino by accident. Chris knows there's something hinky going on from the moment Dillon waltzes into the place wearing his form-fitting three-hundred-dollar jeans. Dillon's blazing hot, but those magic fingers keep triggering the machines to spit out jackpots.It's Chris's job to put guys like Dillon in prison. That's the reason Chris needs to go undercover as a hookup who meets Dillon on a secluded beach.Or at least Chris tells himself that's the reason."Final Jackpot" is an 18,000-word male/male contemporary romantic suspense novella. This steamy standalone comes complete with a happily ever after and NO cliffhanger. Previously published as "Beach Night." This story is exactly the same as the original. Only the cover and title have been changed.
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