Entrepreneurship Facts
Publisher: EntrepreneurshipFacts.com
Pages: 109

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, business-owner, or simply just love to read about successful people's biographies? This is the book for you. EntrepreneurshipFacts.com proudly presents the book “101 Entrepreneurial Facts About 10 of The Most Successful BILLIONAIRES That Can Inspire You- What you can learn from their successes” You are probably familiar with these names all over business magazines, TV shows, or the Internet.•    Bill gate•    Warren Buffett•    Mark Zuckerberg•    Mark Cuban•    Oprah Winfrey•    Elizabeth Holmes•    Richard Branson•    Jeff Bezos•    Steve Jobs•    Elon MuskThey are widely successful billionaires, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and very well known for their business empires. This book is a collection of 101 interesting and fun facts that you might not know about these entrepreneurs ...
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