Julia Shupe
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 381

The boundary between realms is torn. Magic has spilled into the lands of Kiln and infected its citizens for centuries. In an effort to claim the magic for themselves, the mountain wraiths of Drakammon have slaughtered its people by the thousands and released a plague most deadly. But the Enomai and Chenomai—two foretold by history—are born. One is light and the other is dark. Who will prevail and can the realm be saved?Adkyn Pell, son of a wayward prostitute, scaler and packer of fish at the local fishery, has lived a dark and lonely life. But now he’s discovered a power he didn’t know he possessed—one that could change the course of everything in the lands of Kiln.Lova Glavan, apprentice healer for the Guild of Healers, embarks on a quest to the royal city of Crowspire to seek a cure for the plague. But does the quest end in Crowspire or must she journey to the far reaches of ...
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