Cheng Zhang
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 76

This book is essentially a collection of a number traditional Chinese martial apothegms, precepts, maxims, and other such terse, briefly put martial wisdom based on the original martial practices of the old Shaolin Buddhist monks in Henan. Ostensibly, it is a work attributed to a scholar working in the library of the Shaolin Temple in the early 18th century. The original text has long been lost to study, but a competent scribe's copy from the 19th century, now held in the National Library of China, was translated into German by Friedrich W. Weisman, a scholar of Oriental Literature at the University of Berlin. This book was subsequently privately printed in 1912. The English edition as published here, working solely from this earlier German edition, has here been provided to help make the work better known to a wider audience. As far as possible under difficult circumstances, this book ...
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