AJ Phoenix
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 597

#1 in Historical Erotica!"The King's love is fickle; he's gorgeous, intelligent and has power beyond the average man. He doesn't have to be kind.He can give a glance or a smile and women will fall to their knees.Being by his side makes you the most powerful woman in the world. But the moment he tires of you, or you become an inconvenience, you are nothing, no one.I've heard of his reputation. He has left a trail of shattered hearts across Europe.If there will ever be a woman to win his heart, they'll need to know his mind first..."   When cunning servant Madeline Black helps her mistress throw a party, she meets King Alexander, a seductive royal who can't keep his eyes off her. Then, she is sold by her mistress and whisked away to Buckingham Palace to be a royal servant.   Though she knows his reputation and tries to focus on her duties, she constantly finds herself in his ...
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