Jason A Beauchemin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 296

Life isn’t easy for counter-zombie troops. The undead take some getting used to. Regardless of who zombies were before... men, women, children... they’re all disease-spreading cannibal corpses now. The only cure is two bullets to the brain.Life isn’t easy for counter-zombie troops. Zombie outbreaks occur all the time all over the world. Deployments are nonstop. Downtime is almost a fairy tale.Life isn’t easy for counter-zombie troops. They can only truly relate to each other and their fellow troops disappear way too often. Some get transferred or discharged. Some get killed in action. Some die by their own hand.Life isn’t easy for counter-zombie troops. Blood-thirsty walking corpses... rapid-fire deployments... the constant loss of brothers and sisters in arms... their life can really suck sometimes. Counter-Zombie Warfare is the story of one of those troops.
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