Ralph Funk
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 24

Discover How To Save Money With Solar For Your Home This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to save money with solar for your home. The buzz is out! People all over America are adding solar to their homes. Maybe some of your family, coworkers, friends or neighbors have added solar or they are waiting for it to be installed. They seem excited about it but you wonder…is it worth it? Why should I do it? How much does it cost? Are all those ads on the radio, billboards and TV about $0 down or free solar for real? This book will give you a brief “solar 101” so you can learn for yourself if solar is a good alternative. Consider this; the utilities keep raising their rates and customers have no control over that. When it comes right down to it, utilities are monopolies. A monopoly is a company who has no competition, so you have no other choice for your electric provider. ...
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