Agatha Higgins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 40

In the book Vegetable Gardening: An Easy Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables by Agatha Higgins you will learn easy and maintenance free methods to start growing your own vegetables. It doesn’t matter how many hours a week you work or how little space you have, you can grow vegetables at home and enjoy the delicious taste of homegrown vegetables raised in your own garden. In this book you will discover:How to grow vegetables indoorsHow to grow vegetables on a patio or balconyEasy tips to start using vertical space for growing fresh produceMaintenance free container gardensThe advantages of raised bed gardens over traditional gardensThe best vegetables and herbs for any gardenTime saving tips and suggestions Everything you need to know to get started growing vegetables today!You will learn that you can grow your own vegetables without chemicals or pollutants. Even if you have never ...
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