Donna Mulvenna
Publisher: Naturebased Publishing
Pages: 178

Donna Mulvenna lived a conventional life most would consider successful: a rewarding job, a spacious home with wall-sized flat-screen television, and yoga classes. But for all these comforts, something was missing. It didn't matter what she did to attract love, peace, or passion into her life, everything, somehow, was tainted by the murkiness of inner chaos.So when she met a Frenchman who was about to leave Australia's shores, she took a leap of faith and joined him. After all, who wouldn't accept an invitation to visit France? It wasn't until he bought the tickets that she asked, "French Guiana. Is it near Paris?"After that, things got a little crazy. She found herself hacking her way through a perilous jungle, swimming in chocolate-colored seas, and sprint canoeing along anaconda infested rivers. She was threatened by wild animals, had more than a few hair-raising moments in a ...
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