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2nd Expanded Edition: Home Fermentation for Beginners: Step by Step Recipes in helping you to become healthier and healthier each day!Dr. David Williams, a biochemist and medical researcher have identified some specific factors that destroys good bacteria that weakens the body’s gastrointestinal health; some of the things he identified are:* Consumption of too much carbohydrates – Most meals today consists majority of carbohydrates. From our hunter-gatherer ancestors who mostly ate meat and healthy fat, over the centuries, man began depending mostly on carb-rich foods to fill them up and to burn as energy. Paleo advocates would agree that our carb laden diet is making us sick. And they are absolutely true even when it comes to our gut health. Remember that when consumed, carbohydrates are converted into sugar. Pathogenic bacteria, or the type of bacteria that can cause illnesses ...
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